Week Twelve

Last week I was having major issues with my files for my package, and it continued onto this week. Eventually, we figured out that my files had converted to MTS format, and should be MP4. So I spent the lesson converting all 38 files to MP4 format, which took too long so I finished it at home. In the meantime I helped with giving advice and tips for our group program.

On Friday, -with the files readily converted- I came into university to use Final Cut Pro X to begin editing my story. I’d already written the script layout with the grab times included. I spent the next three hours piecing together this story. I have used a lot of different angles, panning, zooming and still frames through-out this story. The vision strongly highlights how important it is for the public to be more understanding and supportive of people living with autism. During the story, viewers will be subjected to raw emotion. Lamble mentions that if you have strong vision with your story, you have a higher chance at headlining the bulletin (Lamble, 2011).

blue screen olivia

I feel like the script and voice overs are clear, and the story flows well. Alysen highlights how important it is to have a quality broadcast voice (Alysen, 2012). I included some nat sound in the sign off, of children singing.  I did have some troubles with audio for one of my interviews, however hopefully I can solve that when it’s imported into the group program.

Here is the link to the story about a young man living with Autism:

Big Dreams For A Little Soul

NOTE: Name supers are not included in this version. This is because we wanted the supers to flow throughout our program, so we will save it until the program is all put together.

Lamble, S. (2011). News as it happens (p. 162). Australia: Oxford University Press.
Alysen, B. (2012). The electronic reporter (p. 261). Sydney: University of New South Wales Press.

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