Week Thirteen

Today I needed to finalise some finishing touches on my package, before exporting. For my story, I had to re-record my sign off (changing from ‘Olivia Gordon, Griffith University News’ to ‘Olivia Gordon, Good Morning Gold Coast’). This was to ensure all the packages ended the same way. I also had an issue with audio levels on one of my talents. This was solved once I exported the file and inserted it into the group program FCPX project. It resolved the situation by allowing me to adjust the volume levels even higher.



Once I finished that, we spent our last class making some final editing touches on the program.  There were just some minor issues that needed touching up on, such as gaps, sound and ensuring the images selected to replace the blue screen were in the correct places. We also inserted all our name supers in the same font and on a blue strip. We chose to leave this until last instead of individually doing it on our packs so that it would flow.

Karleigh was busy working on the intro, which ended up looking fantastic! We then spent some time running through the final copy to ensure it was perfect. I feel confident that our team performed to the best of our ability and each individual put in the effort to make sure all their packages were in on time. Alysen suggests that good planning makes a difference when working on a tight deadline (Alysen, 2012). The final program is a demonstration of our abilities to efficiently work in a team, finish before deadlines and make unanimous decisions. Alysen speaks of how important it is to have a good showreel put together ready to submit for broadcast jobs (Alysen, 2012). I feel comfortable in showing this program to future employees.

I am proud to finish up this semester on such a high note, and to graduate with such intelligent classmates.

Check out our program; Good Morning Gold Coast!


Alysen, B. (2012). The electronic reporter (pp. 62, 261). Sydney: University of New South Wales Press.

*All images are labelled for reuse


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