Week Nine

This week is studio practise week! We aren’t completely finished with our scripts. Jacob isn’t here so we’re not sure if he knows about some of the changes we’ve made. We hopped into the studio: Karleigh, Jade and I at the desk, while Steph ran as floor manager and Eloise helped behind the scenes. They would come later on in the segment for entertainment news and weather. We spent some time figuring out camera change switches between our scripts. Steph did a great job coordinating with the other group that was helping us out with filming.


Alysen and Lamble both agree that each individual in a newsroom plays an important role that brings everything together at the end of the day (Alysen; 2012, Lamble, 2011).

Considering our script wasn’t completely finished, I felt like this really helped us see where we needed to improve before our final performance in a couple of weeks. After we practised, we spent some time editing the script and discussing key points of improvement as well as positive achievements of the day.

Next week is our mid semester break, so there is no class. The week after we’re straight into recording!

Alysen, B. (2012). The electronic reporter (pp.19). Sydney: University of New South Wales Press.

Lamble, S. (2011). News as it happens (p. 100). Australia: Oxford University Press.

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