Week Four

This week I interviewed all of my sources. I got some great information from all four of my sources.robyn and ben


Luckily I was able to conduct three of my interviews (Ben, Robyn and Peter) all at Little Souls. I got some great footage of the place and some learning techniques in action. I also got some footage of many of the kids playing. I did bring some visual consent forms just in case some of the children weren’t a loud in the shots. But Robyn knew which children weren’t allowed, and helpfully escorted them out of the way of shots for a few minutes.

Alysen says while it is legal to shoot people in a public place (bearing in mind privacy), you need permission to shoot on private property (Alysen, 2012). Schools especially, need to be taken with sensitive care, with permission for the children to be in the shot from their parents/guardians (Alysen, 2012).
little souls building.JPG

I was lucky enough to get a hold of the busiest lady on the Gold Coast; Sue Trembath. Sue is an experienced social worker and lecturer at Southern Cross University. She has been very helpful for many of my stories. What an intelligent woman! This time round she had a lot of good information for me about people living with autism, different coping strategies and spoke strongly about a lack of public awareness. Alysen highlights the significance of having a strong contact list in the media (Alysen, 2012). Everyone is a potential source (Alysen, 2012).

I’ve begun to write out a plan of my story, based on the information I’ve researched about autism and Little Souls. I would also like to briefly mention in the story that Little Souls has an upcoming fundraiser for Melbourne Cup. This story is about Ben’s success. I don’t want it to be viewed as an advertisement/PR piece.

Pearson discusses how the ACCC warns against advertorials, regarding ‘credible news outlets’ endorsing products in the guise of current affairs reportage (Pearson, 2011).


Pearson, M. & Polden, M. (2011). The journalist’s guide to media law (p. 436). Crows Nest, N.S.W.: Allen & Unwin.

Alysen, B. (2012). The electronic reporter (pp. 71, ). Sydney: University of New South Wales Press.

*All images used are labelled for reuse.


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