Week Five

I have had an absolutely terrible week. The written piece is due this week. I’d already written the foundations of the story. When I went to grab quotes from my interviews, I discovered my vision for three of my interviews were all messed up. A lot of it was lost due to an error in filming. I was so upset, because they were such great interviews – so full of raw emotion and valuable information.ben

Alysen says to always remember to check audio levels are high and that your device is recording properly (Alysen, 2012). I suppose it’s got to happen once to every journalist.

Thankfully Chris allowed me a one week extension. I organised to redo the interviews and edited my story as best as I could to prepare for submission. Alysen mentions the importance of immediately saving your files onto another device (Alysen, 2012).


Alysen, B. (2012). The electronic reporter (pp. 83). Sydney: University of New South Wales Press.

*All images used are labelled for reuse.


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