Week Eleven

This week is broadcast program recording week! We were first up in the studio, while another group helped out behind the scenes. We had all had a look over the script beforehand. I chose not to write down fully formed conversational points for discussion intervals because I wanted to appear more natural.


This was good impromptu practice! It was a straight forward recording. Jade, Karleigh, Jacob and I were on the board, while Steph was the floor manager and Eloise helped out behind scenes. They would come later on in the segment for entertainment news and weather. Steph had some really good points of improvement for us. Alysen explains how the studio is linked up to those in the control room, which allows instructions to be communicated (Alysen, 2012). We changed a few things up, but overall were happy with our performance.


After we finished, we then helped the other group film their program. It was great to experience the whole process of being in front of camera and behind. I helped out with the autocue up in the control room. Everyone worked together really well, so both program productions ran smoothly.

I’ll be coming in on Friday to get my individual story package done on FCPX. I hope to have it done before we begin editing our group program next week. Alysen says good planning will make all the difference when publishing (Alysen, 2012).


Alysen, B. (2012). The electronic reporter (pp. 65). Sydney: University of New South Wales Press.

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