Week Three


My story idea is about a man living with autism accepted into Griffith University to study Architecture. He was the original Little Soul, with his mother; Robyn starting up the Little Souls early learning centre. It is a non-profit organisation. They have an upcoming fundraiser on Melbourne cup.

Is it newsworthy?

It is a news worthy story. It uses several journalist news values such as impact, timeliness and proximity.

How did you source the story?

A co-worker was looking for someone to write the story.


Is it balanced?

I believe the story will be balanced, based on the people I have decided to interview.

Who are you going to interview?

-Sue Trembath, Social worker
-Robyn, Little Souls owner
-Peter Wotherspoon, Fundraising manager
-Ben, living with Autism

What questions are you going to ask?

The questions will vary between each interviewee. Basically I want to find out about autism, the challenges Ben (and other people) face every day, the social stigma surrounding autism and what help is available for them.

What pictures are you going to use?

I will take footage of Little Souls, the early learning centre. I will also try and have footage of autistic students learning and playing with staff. I want some nat sound in there too. All my interviews will be video recorded. I will then be able to use this for our broadcast program.


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