Week Two

Today we decided that our broadcast program will be similar to a morning show. For example, The Today Show.

Our individual segments for the first assessment item will contribute to the program. We will aim to have our individual stories run for three minutes. With five people in the group, that will total 18 minutes, leaving three minutes of free talking.

I will be the news presenter, reading the intros of four hard news stories, including my own.


Headlines Olivia
Local uni story Jade
Fluff Eloise and Karleigh
Stephanie Entertainment
Sport Jacob
Weather Eloise

In preparation for my feature story, I have decided to think locally and research hard news. Some examples of stories in the media at the moment are:

  •  Royal Commission into Australian youth detention Centres.
  • Aged Care abuse
  • Tourism loss on  Great Barrier Reef
  • Sand mine proposal in Jacobs Well
  •  Dingo Deathrow

I’m waiting confirmation from interviewees regarding a story about a young man living with Autism on the Gold Coast.

While I am brainstorming, I am keeping the inverted pyramid in mind.

inverted pyramid.jpg




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