Week Twelve

This week was our groups studio presentation. Here is the script for our news bulletin, which is the inclusion of each students intros and a sign off at the end.

Presenters Script

Brisbane’s residents are pushing for historically racist Boundary Street names to be changed. Karleigh Pearson has the story.

2.2 million Australians of working age are living with a disability. Many of them are being pro-active to get a higher education, and with mid semester intake around the corner, the opportunity to take that step has now re-opened. Nikita Singh reports.

A unique rehabilitation centre has produced spectacular results, healing patients with severe spinal cord injuries. For 23 year old Martyn Dunn, the program has produced life changing results in a remarkable timescale. Rebecca Vayonitis reports.

The Innocence Project was introduced to Griffith University fifteen years ago. The aim of the project is to free the wrongfully convicted and to also educate young students and teach them valuable skills. Briana Woodward reports.

As the Commonwealth games near, developments for local sporting grounds are well underway. However, as reconstruction moves forward, players and supporters are demanding for an end to the interference. Jake Sandtner has the report..

A study release by donate life has indicated that 2015 was a record year for organ and tissue donation in Australia. But there are still thousands on the waiting list, and Gold Coast Model, Rebecca Craven is living proof of how important donations can be. Eloise Wilson has the story.

Did you know Diabetes has more than one type? Well, type one diabetics want people to know – there’s difference. Olivia Gordon has more.

That’s all the news for today, I’m Olivia Gordon and you have been watching Griffith University News.

blue screen olivia

Studio Roles

In order to develop our own individual news bulletins, we each took turns participating in the following studio roles.

Each student had the opportunity to perform the following positions that insured the flow of each of our bulletin run throughs.

  • News Reader
  • Camera Operator: Because the cameras are mostly controlled by a ccu unit in the control room, there was little action required for this role.
  • Floor Manager/Talent Co-ordinator
  • Audio Monitor
  • Autocue Operator: Using the application ‘ezyreader.exe’.
  • Video Recording
  • Director:
    “Floor manager, are you ready?”
    “Tape operator, audio, autocue switcher are you ready?”
    When everyone is ready, the director will say:
    “ Tape operator start recording and floor manager ready to countdown”

Each position plays a vital role in developing a successful news bulletin. Depending on the scale of a production, Syn’s Guide to TV Roles and Responsibilities states that some roles are optional (Billings, 2016).  It was interesting to perform each part. Working as a team allowed us to effectively produce our final bulletins to submit as assessment. I am pleased with the commitment, effort and initiative shown by my fellow classmates.

References and images:
Dominic Billings, 2016, feature image made for resuse


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