Week Eleven

This week the other groups were preparing to do their studio presentations. I spent sometime watching the other students in their studio roles so I could begin preparing myself for my studio presentation next week.

Group two will be recording their studio presentation next week. at this stage, the script is ready to go and we all understand the importance of having a go at each studio role.

In order to be prepared for next week, I have made a list of things I need to do alongside supporting sources.

→ Professional/appropriate attire
Enclosed shoes are compulsory when working in the news studio. My experience interning at Gold Coast Nine News has proven that it’s a health and safety hazard if you don’t wear enclosed shoes.
Professional attire is a must. You are representing the company (in this case, Griffith University), therefore it is important you take pride in your appearance. University of Missouri has a strict dress code for their students to follow when preparing to enter the field of journalism (Missouri, 2012).
Make up and hair is also something to be mindful of. Under those bright lights and in front of the camera, your hair must be neat and your make up clean and suitable to your skin tone. 4055607112_d938032ae4_b.jpg
In today’s industry, there is a lot of pressure on women in the media to look a certain way. This has resulted in many female journalist’s criticised for their appearance, whether it be clothing, make up or hair, while a male counterpart faces little if not any physical criticism. Australian breakfast host Lisa Wilkinson feels that there is too much focus on the way women are supposed to look.

“You quickly learn the sad truth that what you wear can sometimes generate a bigger reaction than any political interview you ever do” (Wilkinson, 2013)

→Practise script in news voice
It’s important to ensure that when preparing to read a script you can pronounce every word correctly and that each sentence flows. Alysen says that reading out aloud, thinking about where you should effectively pause and looking after your voice are all essential parts of news reading (Alysen, 2012).

Images: Made for reuse
References: Missouri, 2012, The conversation, 2013, The Electronic Reporter – Barbara Alysen, 2012


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