Week Seven

This week we focused on chapter 13 – Compiling a news bulletin. This chapter is useful for preparing for our next assessment item, which is to produce and present a news bulletin. The chapter delves into the importance of punctuality and precision when you are working to a deadline.

The Line up of a bulletin comprises of many variable factors. It’s a complex task of organising stories focusing not only on their significance, but on the flow from one to another and the pace of the program. The line up and the significance of stories is hugely influenced by the audience. Each service has to adhere their agenda based on their audience, in order to keep listeners/viewers watching. Stories are assessed based on their appeal and interest to an audience.

Presentation styles like NOVA FM’s backing track or ‘bed’, intertwines the news with the stations music format (Alysen, 2012).

Assembling the bulletin

Each medium varies, with a radio bulletin considered to be more simple in comparison to a television bulletin. Assembling the bulletin comprises of day-long planning, building around ad breaks, timing and deciding the running order. Formatting of news stories also varies depending on the medium.

E.g. A television news story is usually 1 minute and 20 seconds, preceding a 10-15 second intro.
All of these factors lead to shaping the bulletin rundown.

This chapter then moves on to discuss the Australian Communications and Media Authorities (ACMA) Code of Practice that media programs are bound by. Complaints about media programs are usually dealt with via ACMA, where it’s been found most common complaints refer to issues of privacy or bias.

Lastly, the chapter focuses on the importance of ratings and counting the audience. This allows news services to see whether their content is relating with their audience and how they are doing in comparison to other news services.

Channel Nine and Channel Seven are known for their rivalry when it comes to making the ratings. Last year, Nine won both the national and key Sydney market( Rawsthorne, 2015).

References: The Electronic Reporter – Barbara Alysen, DailyTelegraph



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