Week Three

This week was all about writing for broadcast and editing (chapters 7 and 12). In the tutorial we discussed ways of sourcing news for our assignment and spent some time pitching ideas.

Chapter 7 – Broadcast writing style

This chapter compared the difficulties each writing style face. Broadcast, radio and online writing all require different levels of complexity. Electronic media is the most demanding form of news writing due to the constant distraction of other information flooding audiences. In that case, it’s important to keep your writing SIMPLE. Each service has their own style of writing, referred to as ‘house style’ which is dependant on what is appropriate for their specific audience. Most importantly, try to sound natural and conversational and avoid jargon/slang.

Active voice: subject-verb-object
A student read the textbook.
Passive voice: subject-verb-object
The textbook was read by the student
Present tense: Used in headlines, teasers and promos.

Writing the intro (lead) first for radio and television. The lead usually deals with what and perhaps when and where.

In print you would see the attribution after the statement/comment. In broadcast, it usually comes before the statement/comment.

Using contractions in broadcast is okay, depending on the context. Take care when using the word ‘not’, as it may be more effective to say ‘did/was/is not’.

This chapter continues to talk about the style of broadcast writing and the importance of reading it aloud, checking spelling and punctuation,  how to quote other people, avoiding cliché writing and poor taste.

There are plenty of examples of Journalist’s – like this following compilation – making mistakes when it comes to broadcasting.

For the purpose of beginning to think about our news story assignment, we also looked at chapter 12 – Editing.

This chapter covered how to edit using software and tips on improving your editing skills. For our assessment, we will be using Final Cut Pro X.

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