Week 08 Essay Development

For my online essay, I have decided to create an understanding of the following topic:

Choose a cyberpunk story. Compare the economic and social world it conjures with the real world today. How close this is imagined world to our world and are we moving towards the imagined world or away from it?

As a student undertaking Creative Writing and heavily interested in science fiction/cyberpunk novels, I decided it would be the most appropriate and interesting for me to undertake. This essay will critically analyse the settings created in the novel I have chosen to our real economic and social world.


My introduction will consist of a simple understanding of the difference between science fiction and cyberpunk, that is well explained by Montecalvo, an academic source I will be contributing.

Montecalvo, R., 2010. The cyberpunk genre in Japanese anime and manga. [Online]
Available at:
[Accessed 17 September 2014].

My thesis will introduce the novel I have chosen to analyse, which is actually a series: Julie Kawaga’s iron fey hexalogy. I will also state the argument the essay will be pertaining to, which agrees with that the real world is moving toward the imagined created by Kawaga.

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Body Paragraphs

The essay will then reveal neccessary information about the settings used throughout the iron fey series in order for the reader to create an understanding and comparison of the world we live in today to the creative cyberpunk.

Key quotes from the novels will be intertwined throughout the essay, to allow readers to envisage the imaginary world and to support the ideology that our reality pertains similar economical and social battles.

‘I was the first, you see, born of the forges, when mankind first began to experiment with iron. I rose from their imagination, from their ambition to conquer the world with a metal that could slice through bronze like paper. I was there when the world started to shift, when humans took their first steps out of the Dark Ages into civilization’ (p902, Iron King).

‘All things fade eventually, even one as long-lived as Puck. People will forget his stories, forget he ever was, and he will cease to be. It is the way of things’ (p754, Iron King).

‘Mountains of rubble dominated the land: ancient computers, rusty cars, televisions, dial phones, radios, all piled into huge mounds that loomed over everything’ (p814, Iron King).

‘Mankind is never satisfied – he is always reaching, always trying for something better. With the invention of computers, the gremlins came, and the bugs. Given life by the fear of monsters lurking in machines, these were more chaotic than the other fey, violent and destructive. They spread to every part of the world. As technology became a driving force in every country, powerful new fey rose into existence’ (p904, Iron King).

‘Another gathering of the courts, coming together to pretend they got along, when all they wanted was to rip each other into bloody shreds’ (p891, Iron Knight).

Academic sources Montecalvo, Buttepatil, Hills, Auger and Hoppenstand will all contribute to the body of the essay, explaining and justifying the ideologies of Kawaga’s in comparison to our real world. A particular focus on technological advancement and its effect on humanity will be made. The constant flux of technology at a fast pace is a desire of mankind, however the effects on the environment and our social behaviour are important to understand. The following sources create relevant understanding that is useful for this topic.

Auger, E., 2011. Tech-noir film: A theory of the development of popular genres. s.l.:Intellect Books.

ButtePatil, P. R., 2007. Technological advancements and its impact on humanity. [Online]
Available at:
[Accessed 17 September 2014].

Hill, K., 2012. Sustainability is destroying the earth. [Online]
Available at:
[Accessed 17 September 2014].

Hoppenstand, G., 2011. Gary Hoppenstand. [Online]
Available at:
[Accessed 17 September 2014].

Montecalvo, R., 2010. The cyberpunk genre in Japanese anime and manga. [Online]
Available at:
[Accessed 17 September 2014].

Final information
The final body paragraph will focus on Auger and Hoppenstand’s study of the genre cyberpunk, giving a thorough understanding of the genre and a comparison of the series settings to reality.

The essay will conclude with a reaffirmed statement of my thesis, along with a final statement to assure the reader that this essay agrees that Kawaga’s imaginary world is a sensational representation of the negative challenges our environment faces with the advancement of an industrial civilisation.


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