Mass social media manipulation

Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. Myspace.

The list goes on. A list we are all a part of in one way or another. A figure, a statistic. We’re just another follower. The obsession to be apart of an online social network has fluctuated. The moment you allow yourself to enter the domain of a cyber world you are bombarded with hooks and ties to keep you locked in, checking back, using your data and thinking about what you can upload next.


Instgram, a visual image sharer and popular network allows users to follow, post, share and like images.

Facebook, allows a fast “connection” to friends and family from around the world.

From the personal use of these two social networks, I have found that both of them incorporate one main function: to advertise and entertain the masses. They are trend setters, the “zeitgeist” of popular culture in a constant state of control. What makes it worse? Most of us are so unaware.


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