Put down your phone and look up

Everything you choose to do in your day to day lives impacts on others. Hear. Observe. Explore. Desire to be more, have more and see more.

This video encourages its audience – the world – to “look up” at their surroundings and at others. Modern civilisations dependence on technology in the 21st century has become inevitably inescapable. The use of new communication technology is in a constant state of flux, with the confidence that the release of front-end technology this year will be scrap metal in the
next quarter. Our dependence on technology has engulfed us and we often forget to appreciate the physical things of life. 

The rapid advancement of technology has also deluded some to neglect their understanding of how to safely use ‘the internet’ and its many domains. Have you ever spent a copious amount of time signing up to a new daunting social network world only to be halted by a ‘Terms of conditions’ privacy page demanding you to read through the tediously long content before proceeding? How many times did you actually read it? Let’s be honest – you didn’t. And if you did, I commend you for taking the time and effort that comes with wanting to know what this website will give you – but what it will also require from you.

From current location settings, to public vs private and now the daunting space called the ‘cloud’, technology is changing so quickly, its users are struggling to grasp a true understanding of what information is being stored about them.

To give you a recent example, the federal Government is considering to expect internet service providers to store Australians’ internet data for two years, which introduces a possible breach to the rights of individuals privacy. 

In a media release, The Australian Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim acknowledged the breach and suggests that the Government is willing to compromise in order to respect the ongoing privacy interests of Australians (Pilgrim, 2014).

Key to this debate will be ensuring the ongoing privacy interests of Australians. It will also be important to consider whether a data retention scheme is effective, proportional, the least privacy invasive option and consistent with community expectations. Any scheme should also be transparent, accountable and have appropriate independent oversight.

It is imperative to be aware of what information domains are storing in regards to your searches, their access through your smart phone to your location, contacts and images, aswell as even your private text messages and phone calls. Times are changing. Fast. Grasp on tight. And stay away from the dark ‘Cloud’.


Pilgrim, T., 2014. http://www.oaic.gov.au/news-and-events/statements/privacy-statements/australian-governments-data-retention-proposal/australian-government-s-data-retention-proposal. [Online] [Accessed 1 September 2014].

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